We create technology to help bring people together in real life.



Making it easier to get together

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Our Mission

To bring people together in real life

The technology is there to help but we often get lost in it – living in the digital world where chat replaces conversation.  However, the things that make us the happiest, the things that make the best memories, are the ones that happen when others are around. That’s when we truly connect

Our Vision

We believe that true, human connections enrich lives and ultimately make us happier and healthier.

We develop mobile technology to make it easy for all of us to connect and make memorable moments. In this way we contribute to enriching the lives of people and making the world a little bit brighter. 

Our Values

How we do things at Covalency is important

We believe that positive, honest connections make the world a better place. That is why we at Covalency focus on building partnerships and collaborating for success. We infuse this into every product that we make. 

The Leadership Team


Neil has extensive expertise in executing complex exchange programmes and projects with global teams in APAC, India, UK and US. He believes a strong risk management approach, robust product case assessment and industry analysis are key to overall delivery and sustainable support.


With global experience spanning North America, Japan, Singapore and the UK, Chris has a proven track record driving strategic initiatives for banks, consultancies and start-ups. He believes building strong, performing teams led by a clear mission is key for success


Let’s make a connection

Our movement is to connect people in real life. We encourage you to do the same with us. Interested in how we can partner with your event? Working on a business case study? Fellow entrepreneur? Writer looking for a story? In the Old Street area? Or just curious? Contact the leadership team directly. 



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